Benefits of VIP Status at Online Casinos

A High Roller at traditional casinos have long enjoyed extra perks and benefits like free limo service, free five-star rooms, and special treatment in the environs of the casino. Although some of the traditional treatments aren’t available in the environment of online casinos, the online houses have found newer and more creative ways to treat their VIP guests. It’s truly in the interests of both the casino and the player to establish a mutually beneficial relationship; the casino benefits from the money-flow of its high-rolling gamblers, so they in turn make sure those players are rewarded for bringing their money into the casino. Without the availability of options like limos and hotel rooms, you might ask yourself how an Online Casino rewards its VIP members.

The answer is that the online benefits can actually benefit you more than the “traditional” ones, as far as advancing your gaming and your earning. A hotel or a limo, while it’s an enjoyable perk in the moment, is actually one that doesn’t benefit you in the long-term or add to your earnings. By contrast, the perks offered in online casinos are more directly tied to your gaming and your funding, and can directly advance your earnings. Usual VIP perks begin with a relationship with a personal VIP manager. This is a person whose specific goal is to facilitate your online gaming, help you manage your funds, accounts, and benefits, and ensure your satisfaction with your online experience.

Additionally, you are likely to be awarded higher limits in your gaming. You can take a seat at high-stakes tables for poker or other games, or ask your VIP manager to set you up with higher-stakes slot machines or other games. With VIP status you will enjoy faster movement of your money when you withdraw winnings, and you get a higher return when you trade in comp points or convert funds. In other words, you get “more money for your money” once you’re playing at the VIP level. And to add to the fun, you may not be able to enjoy limos or hotel rooms online, but online casinos still find creative ways to send rewards and gifts. To reward their high rollers (and simultaneously provide technological support for online gaming), some online casinos send birthday gifts like iPads or smartphones, where you can download apps for your favorite online casino games and keep playing on the go. Sometimes they even pay for trips to sporting events, concerts, or visits to their associated traditional casinos, rewarding even their online players with some of the “traditional” perks of high rollers at brick-and-mortar casinos. There’s no doubt that it’s to your benefit to establish yourself as a high roller at an online casino and start benefiting from the perks they offer. Not only will your online gaming become more enjoyable and your relationship with the casino more personal, but with the bonuses and benefits, you actually get a higher return on your money and your comp points playing at that casino.