Online Casino Guide: Types of Available Bonuses

Online gambling is now a huge business and there are hundreds of sites vying for customers. With pretty much all the same types of games on offer, online casinos have to attract new gamers and retain existing players. A major marketing strategy is the online Casino Bonus. These fall into two categories – those available to new players only, and are available on registration and those ongoing ones, designed for existing customer retention. There are various bonuses and all of them are subject to terms and conditions – there’s no such thing as free money after all. Some can be quite confusing, especially if you are new to the world of the online casino. Before joining up, understand the bonus you are being offered.


The no-deposit bonus is one of the most common bonuses for new players - free money from the casino! The way this works is that the new player signs up for an account with the casino and is then presented with a bonus usually ranging from $10 to $100. This bonus can be used on various table based games such as video poker or on Slots. The reason that it isn’t “free” is because although you get to keep your winnings gained from the bonus, you are usually unable to withdraw the money until you have met the wagering requirement tied to the bonus. Unless the bonus is a significant amount, it is worth considering foregoing the sign on bonus. Wagering requirements might be at such a level that you have to deposit and bet so much more of your own money before you can make a withdrawal.

Sometimes the no-deposit bonus does not appear in the form of cash. At times you might experience a no-deposit bonus being presented as a free-time bonus. This allows the player access to games within the casino for free for a certain period of time, usually for a few hours. Again, you should check the terms and conditions in order to check which Online Casino games this bonus applies to.

Enhanced match deposit bonus

A variation of the no-deposit bonus is the new player matched bonus. This one involves a newly registered player making a deposit which is then matched and multiplied by the casino. It is sometimes expressed in percentages, other times merely as a multiple. For example, deposit $10, receive $30.

Refer Your Friends

The Refer-a-Friend bonus is simple to explain because all it means that you receive a reward, usually a cash one, for referring a friend who signs up for the same casino through a special sign up link; the link is unique to you.

Cash back bonus

Cash-back bonuses usually only appear with casinos at certain dates and times, but it means whatever you wager you receive a certain percentage back. This is a very attractive bonus if your luck is not running good!

Existing Player? More Bonuses!

If you are an existing player then you can still gain bonuses because many online casinos are now offering periodical deposit bonuses. If you deposit a certain amount or on a particular day, you gain a cash bonus; the amount and availability varies by casino so check the terms and conditions of the casino.